SKF Bearing condition monitoring new technologies released

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SKF Bearing condition monitoring new technologies released
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  Gothenburg, April 7 news: the official release SKF SKF insight (SKFInsight ™), which is an integrated SKF bearing products in the groundbreaking intelligent wireless technology for monitoring the operational status of the bearing . SKF has developed a number of intelligent technology, making it capable with built-in bearing sensor and electronic data collection devices continue to send its operational state. All along, the bearings of rotating machinery is considered the "heart" , and now, it has become the SKF Machine 's "brain ."

  SKF President and CEO Tom • Johnston said: " These innovative bearing condition monitoring will set off a revolution in technology , especially in the key equipment and technology has enormous challenging critical applications . Skye Fu insight (SKFInsight ™) technology will further broaden the scope of application of condition monitoring techniques , particularly in the use of or inability impossible before the implementation of the technology environment . with these integrated diagnostic technology, our customers are better able to control the device 's life cycle , thereby reducing overall costs, improve reliability, and uptime . "
  SKF Group's senior vice president of technology research and development AlanBegg added: " Three years ago, we are ready to develop a bearing status information can readily be integrated wireless self-powered sensor kit - that is capable of making a change of state send Message smart bearings. conducting a miniaturized power to solve puzzles and special sensors and electronics component development , a large number of research and development work, we introduced the SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) technology, making it a reality. let bearing a rotating machinery of the brain and the heart has always been the dream of engineers Today, SKF 's innovative strength in a long time , leading the realization of this dream, I am very proud . "
  For direct monitoring of the bearings
  In SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) before the advent condition monitoring techniques only after the damage occurred before it can be monitored. Today , SKF directly in the bearing mounting the sensor , to monitor the early creep effects due to the damage arising from the customer based on this information , be able to take remedial action to reduce damage caused by the bearing element , such as a lubricant , reducing transient overload and so on.
In addition, SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) directly monitor the load on the bearing , which can produce the actual bearing load measurements , rather than design loads. This valuable information can be fed back to the design stage , in order to improve the system and bearing designs.
  With integrated in SKF bearings among the insight (SKFInsight ™) technology, customers can more easily and conveniently condition monitoring . Wealth of knowledge to help customers run through for a more thorough maintenance program and optimizing manpower and spare parts management , operating costs will be reduced.
  SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) technology, including :
  Miniaturization - sensor technology component to the speed, temperature , velocity , vibration , load , and other key parameters were measured .
Self-powered - Smart bearing applications can use to generate the required power.
  Simplicity - integrated in the bearing inner intelligent wireless communication technology so that it can not run in the traditional environment of WiFi communication .
  Intelligent Network - using SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) technology, wireless gateway bearings communicate with each other through the formation of " mesh network " , and can send status information for analysis .
  SKF insight (SKFInsight ™) application-specific solutions are currently undergoing a trial key customers in various industries , including wind , rail and metallurgy, and SKF is active in more industries pilot.