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Bearing scrapped - the Ministry of Commerce Standards
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  Should the repair bearing concrete judgment method , namely bearings were full advantage of the imminent destruction of specific judgments appear as follows:

  1) the use of bearings working condition monitoring equipment
Use such as iron spectrometer or SPM or I-ID-1 type bearing working condition monitoring equipment to determine the bearing operating status and decide when to be bearing repair , which is the most convenient and also more reliable method.
For example, when using the HD-1 type instrument, when the pointer by the warning area close to the danger zone , and in the measures taken to improve the lubrication of the pointer does not return , they can ascertain the bearing itself is the problem , then you can take advantage of not entering the danger zone when bearing repair . How far away from the danger zone began to repair, by experience adjustments.
With such an instrument , you can take advantage of the work bearing potential , bearing repair promptly and avoid failure , is safe and economical.
  2 ) the use of simple tools to monitor
In the absence of the instrument case, the operator can hand-held tool such conflict or a wrench rod bearing of the machine casing parts closest to the listening ear ashamed tool by the tool coming from the operating sound of the bearing , of course, can also be modified using the medical stethoscope .
  Normal bearing operating sound should be uniform and smooth without harsh voice , rather than the normal operation of the bearing with a variety of sound is intermittent , impact or harsh sound. First, to get used to the normal operation of the bearing sound, then you can take to determine the normal bearing operation sound, and then through the accumulation of experience , and further to analyze what kind of sound does not correspond to the normal kind of bearing is not a normal phenomenon . Bearing abnormal sound many categories , it is difficult to explain in words , mainly by the accumulation of experience .