Second half of the bearing steel market conditions will gradually getting better

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Second half of the bearing steel market conditions will gradually getting better
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  Recent bearing steel market is not much improvement , vendors selling general, prices fluctuate slightly . "China Metallurgical News" the reporter found that some operators believe that the second half of bearing steel market conditions will gradually getting better and better , the downstream bearing foundry industry will boost demand , supporting the smooth operation of the market during the year .

  According to the operator and the industry market research into June , bearing steel market showed signs of stabilization . East China market , Shanghai , Hangzhou, Nanjing , Wuxi, Changzhou and other areas bearing steel prices stable, such as Hangzhou market bearing steel GCr15ф50mm ~ ф70mm not annealed material price is 4700 yuan / ton , GCr15ф30mm ~ ф75mm thermal processing annealed material prices are not to 4550 yuan / ton. Central , Northeast, Southwest and other regions stabilize bearing steel market in general , such as Wuhan bearing steel market prices stable , Cr15ф14mm ~ ф30mm casting is not annealed material price 4550 yuan / ton , GCr15ф80mm ~ ф110mm casting does not offer 5150 yuan annealed material / ton.
  However, due to some of the region's market resources are not abundant, supply is tight , less goods , shortages phenomenon has appeared , thus supporting the price stabilization . As in Shenyang region , some of origin and specifications GCr15 bearing steel products out of stock , Harbin market also appeared some bearing steel out of stock. In the Southwest, Chengdu market bearing steel limited resources , Xining Special Steel production GCr15ф150mm ~ ф200mm molded annealed material shortage, Xining Special Steel Casting production GCr15ф30mm ~ 75mm annealed material goods less ; Chongqing bearing steel market , steel Donghua production GCr15ф20mm ~ ф30mm thermal processing annealed material stock.
  Industry analysts pointed out that some areas showing some bearing steel market resource shortages, fewer goods phenomenon , there are two main reasons . First , the entire steel market downturn, coupled with price " upside down" , a general decline in business orders , which appear in the circulation market available resources are not sufficient . Second, some steel mills to increase the maintenance, control capacity release efforts, production has decreased.
For the latter bearing steel market trend , the operators do not think there are big waves , prices to stabilize , will not be ups and downs of the stock market , mainly in view of the following factors .
  First, the bearing manufacturing industry strength bearing steel demand will weaken. Bearings are expendable machine parts . In addition to new projects and new machinery products will boost demand, machinery ownership increases and increased utilization will increase the consumption of the bearing . With the continuous development of our national economy , increasing automation of bearing performance and technical requirements will be higher , the new product after another , demand will continue to increase . According to industry experts predict that by 2015 , China's sales of high-end bearings foundry industry will reach 222 billion yuan or so.
  Second, China's high-end equipment localization increased demand for high-end bearings . At present, the domestic ordinary bearing steel basic can meet market demand, to achieve a localization , but the high-end high-end equipment required but also with domestic bearing a certain gap , still imports make up , such as angular contact ball bearings , thrust ball bearings , cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, while cars, high-speed rail , wind power, precision machine tool spindle bearings supporting the bearings and other high-end products has been the soft underbelly of China's bearing industry . Therefore, the development of high-end bearings larger space , a vast potential market .
Third, the recent market bearing steel supply declined.
  Recently, crude steel production in the market, rising steel case, bearing steel crude steel production and steel production showed a downward trend. According to China Special Steel Enterprises Association data show that its member units in January 2013 ~ May crude steel production totaled 45,595,276 tons , compared with 733,468 tons last year , an increase of 2%. Among them, bearing steel was 1,172,160 tons , representing a decrease of 2%. Steel production totaled 44,250,010 tons , compared with 161,957 tons last year . Among them, bearing steel production was 1,164,156 tons , representing a cut of 12% .